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Signature Development Work

Founded in 1999, MMB Contractors, Inc. brings European-calibre craftsmanship to Philadelphia area retail, commercial and real-estate development projects.

MMB specialties include: Full Fitout, Renovation, Construction, Emergency and short-deadline projects, Planning, Project Management.

Unmatched Workforce

MMB’s veteran employees and contractor specialists expertly accommodate the exacting standards, budget, timeline, and pragmatic approach our clients require.

Commercial Backflow Specialists

MMB offers backflow testing services to determine the transient degree of hazard’ of each backflow system and it’s respective conditions and activities.

Backflow inspections ensure proper operation maintain compliance with building codes.


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Meet Our Team

President & Owner

Marek Maj

CFO / Accountant

Jerry Krupinski

Project Managers

Robert Appel
Agata Karpowicz
Paulina Madajewska
Michael Maj
Monika Maj
Jakub Tyczynski

Backflow Preventer

Michael Maj